Health & Safety

The face paints that we use at Firebird have been specially designed for professional use, and comply with all the EEC cosmetics regulations.

As with any cosmetics some people may develop a sensitivity to one of the ingredients. Many children are allergic to a wide range of common products. If you have any concerns about your child's reaction, please discuss them with us before your child is painted. It is always possible to do a patch test or motif on the hand to be on the safe side.

It is not possible to paint or glitter tattoo anyone under three years old, as the products used are not recommended for use on infants.


For the safety of our customers, unfortunately anyone who is suffering from a skin complaint such as a cold sore or eczema will not be able to have their face painted, although a motif on the hand is possible.


Water based make up can be removed by washing with soap and plenty of water. Some colours may temporarily stain slightly if the skin is dry. Your usual baby lotion after normal washing may help to remove this.


Clothes that have been in contact with face paint should be soaked in cold water and a pre-wash treatment such as Bio-Tex or Vanish before washing normally.

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